Our solutions for your factory's performance

Assembly solutions

Design and manufacturing of manual and semi-automatic assembly equipments:

Assembly lines, racetracks conveyors, special-purpose machines, turntables, assembly stations, pick & place, unraveling, etc.

Our machines are connected and ensure product traceability.

Control and test solutions

Integration of non-destructive control and test equipments at each stage of production and at the end of line.

Electrical, electronic, vision, measurement, dimensional and functional testing,…

We master all stages of software programming and HMI creation.

Automation and Robotics solutions

Industrial and cooperative robotics.

Design of real-time systems. Implementation of complex and precise industrial regulators.

Ergonomic and “user friendly” HMI.

transitic solutions

In order to increase the flexibility of industrial manufacturing methods, Larisys designs new ergonomic mobile assembly solutions and integrates transfer means and conveyors.

Autonomous mobile trolleys with integrated rechargeable batteries.

packaging solutions

Development and manufacture of semi-automatic and full automatic packaging, bagging and palletizing systems.

Our services

Industrial design, technical feasibility analysis, help in writing specifications, test expertise.

target industries

Years of experience

About us

The LARISYS group designs and manufactures assembly and industrial control solutions.

Located in Europe and Africa, it has supported its customers in their production industrialization projects for over 30 years.

Ask us for your projects, believe in us and win together!

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